sandieSandie Corr-Dolby RN-BC CCM

Sandie is a registered nurse with nearly thirty years of experience developing and supervising programs for elders with acute, chronic and progressive health and emotional concerns. Sandie has designed programs for home safety, health maintenance and improved quality of life for elders in residential, assisted living or a nursing home setting. Sandies nursing background includes Board Certification as Care Manager, and as a Pain Management Specialist. She has Certificates in Gerontology, Advanced Adult Health Assessment, Psychopharmacology and Congestive Heart Failure. Sandie has also worked extensively in the areas of wound/burn management, end of life and palliative care, case management for elders and those with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Geriatric Care Manager?
A: A Geriatric Care Manager, (GCM) is a professional who specializes in the complex care needs of an older population. The GCM has expertise in managing the special physical, psychosocial, emotional, medical, safety and cultural issues that affect the quality of life of elder persons.

Q: What is Geriatric Care Manager do?
A: Geriatric Care Managers assist clients and their families with the complex care needs of the elder population by providing options, simplifying complex medical and social processes and coordinating care.

Q: How do I know if I need a Geriatric Care Manager?
A: An elder or their loved ones who are concerned about the current functioning or medical challenges, or the anticipation of such challenges would benefit from the help of a GCM.

Q: Does my Medicare pay for the services of my GCM?
A: No, Medicare does not pay for the services of a GCM, some Long Term Insurance policies will reimburse you for the GCM, however typically GCM services are private pay. We will send you a bill monthly or charge your Credit Card and send you a receipt, whichever you prefer.

Q: Will the GCM go to Doctors appointments with me?
A: Yes, it is often beneficial to have the GCM attend medical appointments to help you coordinate care, especially when more than one doctor is prescribing medications/treatments.

Q: Will the GCM drive me to appointments or to do errands.
A: Yes, if you request this service the GCM will either provide the service or arrange for someone to do so.

Q: Will the GCM help me with coordinating the other people who come into my house to help me?
A: Yes, as the Care Manage the GCM will help you coordinate, supervise and plan for the care provided to you by others.

Q: Will the GCM help me with my medications?
A: Yes, absolutely, The GCM will pre-pour your medications into weekly planners, whether electronic medication dispensing machines or manual “pill boxes”, the GCM will help you be sure you are taking your medications correctly.

Q: If I need to re-locate from where I live now, can a GCM help me find place to live that I will like and meets my needs for now and into the future?
A: Yes, we will do the research and present you with the findings so you can make an informed decision of which option works best for you.

Q: Will the GCM help me with the actual process of moving?
A: Yes, the GCM will help facilitate the actual moving of your belongings, storage of what needs to be stored and getting you there as well!

Q: What is my GCM’s role if I’m in the hospital?
A: Your GCM will help make sure everyone caring for you knows your medical and social history, arrange for someone to be with you in the hospital if you would like that, and coordinate with the hospital staff for the services you will need for your discharge back to home.