“We have had the privilege of working with Horizons Geriatrics and have found that the benefit to our clients is enormous. Sandie’s extensive background addresses the vast array of needs in the elderly population. She is a true advocates for her clients and eases communication between the client, family members and all health care providers who are involved in the care of the individual, insuring that all services are coordinated for the well-being of the elder. She offers creative and thoughtful problem solving that is individualized to the lifestyle and needs of her client. Horizons Geriatrics’ in depth understanding of how home care works and the subtle differences that creates a successful experience, makes it a pleasure for my staff and me to work together to provide quality care to our clients!”

Donald Sostek, President Sostek Home Care

“I recently had to see several of my doctors, all within a two week period. My nurse from Horizons’ went with me to help me understand everything. She was a godsend, I couldn’t have managed without her.”

Edith Radley, Horizons Client